Our Company

Yes PLLC believes in the fundamental principles of Excellence, Integrity, and Vision. Our mission is to provide the highest quality professional advisory services to our clients with unfaltering trustworthiness. Our officers and staff comply with our statement of philosophy.

"Professionalism" in the accounting profession means integrity, objectivity, independence where required, adherence to professional standards and applicable laws and regulations, and a demonstrated will to maintain and improve the quality of professional services and to withstand all pressures, competitive and otherwise, to compromise on principles, standards and quality. To the staff at Yes PLLC, professionalism means an understanding of and a dedication to the public trust.

Yes PLLC demands integrity, objectivity, competence and due care from its personnel in the conduct of all of its engagements. We take steps to ensure that all personnel assigned to engagements have the professional and specialized knowledge required to carry out their responsibilities. Additionally, our established policies and procedures guarantee that professional engagements are properly planned and executed and that decisions are based on the substance of issues, not on form.

Yes PLLC has adopted policies and procedures that implement the quality control standards for conducting accounting and auditing engagements as established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Above all, Yes PLLC seeks to provide you with the confidence and comfort of knowing that you have placed your trust in the right hands.

Whether you are looking for business opportunities beyond national boundaries or need international support in addition to services in your home market, Yes PLLC’s participation as a member firm of Praxity provides a gateway to the global marketplace.

Praxity™, a global alliance of independent firms, gives you access to professional accounting and auditing firms committed, as we are, to the high standards required in international business. We are here to help you succeed and operate competitively wherever your business takes you.

About Praxity

Praxity, AISBL, is a global alliance of independent firms. Organized as an international not-for-profit entity under Belgium law, Praxity has its administrative office in London. As an alliance, Praxity does not practice the profession of public accountancy or provide audit, tax, consulting or other professional services of any type to third parties. The alliance does not constitute a joint venture, partnership or network between participating firms. Because the alliance firms are independent, Praxity does not guarantee the services or the quality of services provided by participating firms.

For more information, visit Praxity online.